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While our pace of home improvement may have slowed down considerably, that doesn’t mean it has been all fun & games & napping in the house (but it has, of course, been mostly fun and games and napping)

Here’s what has gone down in the last few weeks (as told by poor quality cell phone pictures – possibly one day I’ll post “real” photos)

1) We got a rug for the living room! It’s this one from West Elm, which we snagged during a 20% off rugs sale. It’s funny how a few years after I go and tear all of the wall to wall carpeting out of the house, I realize I need a few rugs to pull the rooms together.

Living room rug

2) We painted the rest of the first floor (after the kitchen was complete). To help make the three rooms more cohesive, we painted the foyer, living room, and dining room all in the same warm gray. We also put in an accent wall of a muddy dark blue color int he dining room. [no photos of this, yet]

3) We built a new TV stand. We had been using a small hand-me-down buffet for our “TV Stand”, and while it did the job, it was a little too tall, a little too enclosed, and a little too brown. We originally wanted to build some floating shelves around the TV to hold the cable box, dvds, accessories, etc…. but the practicality of hanging these (anchoring securely enough in a soft 120 year old brick wall), plus the fact that we’d be leaving plugs & wires exposed, discouraged us. In the end, we turned to one of Ana White’s plans, and built a quick tv console in a weekend.

TV Stand

4) We switched bedrooms! Our king sized bed was laughably oversized in our former “master” bedroom. And it’s still too large for the room we moved to, but it does fit better. The reason we weren’t in room #2 originally? There is no closet. So we remedied that situation. Here is Madison scoping out the new closet.

Madison in Closet


5) We installed the marble backspash! We FINALLY got around to putting up the kitchen backsplash tile that we’d had sitting around in the dining room for several weeks. Definitely more to come on this one (also, I think it means that the kitchen is officially complete).

Tile backsplash

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  • Shaye

    November 14, 2013 at 21:08

    Hi Kelley – Good work by you guys with all of these great projects! When you get a chance, can you send me a quick email? I’ve got a couple questions about your dogs.


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